Bevelek Lawel

A heavy set, docile man who can be heard whistling at the back of the caravan.


Having known Sandru from previous runs, he immediately took up the opportunity to work with the man again, under the same arrangements as before: no wage and, instead, commission from trades.

The man is jovial and takes life in strides, content to view the world as it passes by from his perch at the forefront of a wagon. His calm demeanor and tendency to laugh at life makes him easy to get along with and he has never once been thought of badly by a caravan he’s worked with. Sandru, too, being a jovial man himself, welcomes the man’s company and as a frequent business partner.

For this run, Bevelek has opted to bring along his budding younger brother, who Bevelek himself trained to manage horses and repair wagons.

Bevelek Lawel

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