Erys Carver

A young lady of 12 years old, her bright eyes and wide smile can often be seen absorbed in a book or as an onlooker.


Found as a stowaway from Wolf’s Ear after a battle in Churlwood, the Heroes and their friends felt pity for her situation and allowed her to stay, given a promise that she would work hard and earn her keep.

She had fled Wolf’s Ear in order to avoid marrying one of the local young aristocrats of the small town – a man reputed to be a pervert and a womanizer and who had become obsessed with her. On the other hand, she wanted to explore the world and its mysteries like her hero Sherman Hollock, a fictional, self-proclaimed investigator of the supernatural.

Keeping her promise, she proved an extremely quick learner – an intelligent mind and a keen eye, couple with what seemed to be a nearly bottomless hunger for knowledge, drove her to observe and imitate all aspects of caravan life; she would spectate Harwin’s training, meander about with Valkris (sometimes even stalking the caravan master Sandru, which she thought was particularly thrilling), studying old maps and learning about history with Gill, and even pestering both Shie and Mein in attempts to get them to play or chat – to no avail.

She became fast friends with the normally reclusive Walthus, doted on the elderly Koya, played hide-and-seek with the solitary Shalelu (normally without Shalelu knowing), and would dance to Ameiko and Carlia’s music at camp and exchange stories with whoever wanted to hear them. Finally, an impressionable Sandru found the talent she had in all aspects of caravan life to be almost genius level. He took her under his wing as his ‘apprentice’ and began to teach her how to tend horses, fix wheels, arrange luggage, the intricacies of bartering and trading, etc.

Her association in everyone’s lives and on all matters of the caravan soon proved to be a boon to all trying to keep the caravan moving and proved more than worth her provision every day.

Erys Carver

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