Mary Løgn Eventyre

A girl of 7 years old, she wears a frown and her eyes are always looking elsewhere.


Having been found and saved during an ambush on her father’s Caravan, the Heroes and their friends took her in and began to care for her. Her introduction to the caravan alongside the stowaway, Erys, went quickly although not smoothly…

She talked to no one for several days before opening up to Carliah and, later, Koya. She soon began to follow either Carlia or Harwin around – especially whenever Erys could be found. Harwin was her favorite bodyguard against Erys’s advances. Even on the off chance she still approached, Mein found Harwin useful as a sacrifice for Erys’s curiosity, frequently hiding behind Harwin and allowing Erys’s attention to change to Harwin and his physical training and techniques, allowing her a safe getaway to wherever Carlia was.

On the other hand, she seems to be outright afraid of Gill and would even suffer the attention of Erys in order to avoid him – something Erys has taken advantage of as of late, teaming up with her study buddy to corner Mein. Gill isn’t insulted by her fear and instead seems to enjoy using it to tease her or induce reactions from the normally detached child.

Although Mein either follows behind Carlia or Harwin, avoids Erys and Gill, and otherwise holds no interest in other travelers, she can be found spying on Shie. Shie is, to most of the travelers, an enigma and, Gill has observed, she and Mein seem to be two peas in a pod, both being reluctant to open up but both being curious of the other.

Although she has never talked about it, both Carlia and Harwin – as well as Shalelu – have seen Mein using healing magic on the horses whenever they were exhausted or had been injured. In fact, it would even happen after Sandru would go off looking for Gill or Koya to request for treatment, wherein Gill would eye Sandru wearily, the latter of whom would apologize and offer a drink in exchange for forgiveness.

Although a quiet girl and of a shy disposition, she seems to have a caring heart and has become attached to several travelers in the caravan and has become very active, not outright shutting herself off and, instead, engaging in caravan activity. Considering she may now be an orphan – a result of seeing her father slain – she seems to be recovering well.

Mary Løgn Eventyre

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