Thjoldi Arinson

A young boy with a confident gait and a disarming smile. His mild demeanor hardens with his rifle in his hands.


Using the nickname ‘Jess’, Thjoldi is a self proclaimed piece of ‘evidence’ that led to the incarceration of his mother who had a hand in the murder of his father, he was adopted by his mother’s captor, Collie, and raised as her assistant.

As Collie is not great with people – as they usually misunderstand her intense interactions – and reluctant to resort to lethal measures, Jess takes it upon himself to work around her faults. He’s become the front for her methodical purchases and resales, essentially working her shop in Jol for her. He also carries his own rifle, picked up during a particularly nasty investigation into a very recent black powder industrial processor – the gun itself was the evidence they needed to catch the criminal and had to be used to put the rampaging alchemist down before more damage could be done. Jess did it himself, stepping in before Collie could, as he says it, “dirty her hands”.

Since then, he’s kept the gun and uses it as a ‘big stick’ when he ‘speaks softly’. He rarely needs to use it, which he’s happy to take advantage of – each bullet is a fortune in itself, but its sheer power and apparent disregard for even the most well-made breastplate tends to lend weight to his arguments just with its presence.

Thjoldi Arinson

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