Vankor Lawel

The awkward young man is slow to speak up but always holds a determined gaze with the reins in his hands.


If you described Bevelek as a whistling boulder rumbling down the trail, Vankor would be a silent warrior marching his path. The young man is quiet and unassuming and doesn’t initiate conversations with hardly anyone but Bevelek, his older brother. And, although he has a determined precision and a strong acumen behind the reins, he is nearly always stuttering with a reluctant expression.

He’s somewhat broken his shell during the trip to Brinewall, but his change after the events of that stop are far more striking: Vankor has since become much more responsible, taking on more of a load with repairs and horse maintenance and even pointing out to others mistakes they are inadvertently making that could harm the trip. Vankor is still silent, but seems to have taken his role as a silent guardian and guide for the caravan.

Although generally meek and quiet, he tends to ignore orders not given to him by anyone other than Sandru and Bevelek, especially when it has to do with caravan maintenance and his driving.

On the other hand, he listens attentively to the stories told by Gill and Erys and can be found drawing or writing in a small book when the caravan is stopped. Although by no means a virtuoso in the talents of art or penmanship, a smile can still be seen sneaking through his lips as he works on his hobby.

Vankor Lawel

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