Tag: Antagonist


  • Giers

    Not much is known about this Giers, apart from his appearance and actions in Sandpoint that put him opposed to Harwin - subsequently breaking Harwin from his dark past. His criminal deeds, however, never came to light until recently, where he employed …

  • Flint Shaleheart

    For some reason or another, his goal is to keep Delphene out of trouble, although since their involvement with Gill, her pyromanic tendencies have 'flared' to great heights and are harder to keep under control.

  • Delphene Ervia

    This woman is a pyromaniac through and through, even showing almost no concern over engulfing her 'guardian', Flint, in fire! She jumped at the chance to work with Giers, on a mission to weed out his prey, dragging her poor keeper along on the heated ride …