Lands of the Linnorm Kings

The Lands of the Linnorm kings are nestled on the northwestern tip of Avistan and is a realm of taiga and marshland that spends much of the year frozen beneath layers of snow, a place utterly inhospitable to all but the hardiest people. It is here that the Ulfen people live, a people mighty and durable. The LotLK are bordered by Irrisen to the East and Varisia to the south. The northern border leads into the ice caps known as the Crown of the World and to the west is the Steaming Sea.

The LotLK have no central government. Instead, there a multiple smaller kingdoms united by common heritage. Each nation is based around a large town – essentially the capital – and is led by a Linnorm King, who has complete authority over his subjects. The exception is the kingdom built around Trollheim, which has a castellan – a kind of castle governor.

Currently there are 4 Linnorm Kings:

  • Svienn Blood-Eagle of Kalsgard
  • White Estrid of Halgrim
  • Ingimundr the Unruly of Bildt
  • Opir Eightfingers of Jol.

Linnorm Kings

  • Svienn Blood-Eagle is the oldest and most powerful of the current kings but is rumored to already be ready to step down as soon as a candidate comes through the gate with the head of a Linnorm. He is king of the nation centered around Kalsgard, the largest and most diverse city in the LotLK, wherein live many communities of Dwarves, Gnomes, and Varisians. Its shipyards are the best in the LotLK, only being chased on by Bildt.
  • White Estrid is an albino with white hair and icy blue eyes, known for her fierce raids. She gained much notoriety and renown in 4704 AR when she led a daring longship raid against the Nidalese port of Nisroch, then broke a Chelaxian blockade at the Arch of Aroden and triumphantly pulled into port at Absalom to sell her treasure. It is also notable that, instead of mounting the head of the Linnorm she slayed, she chose to keep a “pet” instead – a Linnorm that, as he says, was defeated by her but bargained its life for servitude. She is king of Halgrim, located on one of the largest islands of the Ironbound Archipelago.
  • Ingimundr the Unruly is a fierce advocate of returning the Ulfen peoples to their roots of raiding the South Lands. The other rulers, as well as the Norn and the Fates, are against this action. But there are many young warriors greedy for the treasures of the south.
  • Opir Eightfingers is the king of Jol, located south of Grungir Forest. His kingdom is one of the only located inland.

Lands of the Linnorm Kings

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