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Too curious to pass up the mystery of her family, Ameiko joined Sandru’s Caravan, planning to go to Brinewall, the abandoned town that might have some clues for her. She asks the four adventurers to come with her. They gladly accept, and the halfing, Walthus, who’s home was burned by Giers (Harwin’s nemesis), volunteered as well. Harwin was less than pleased that Carlia also volunteered without hesitation.

But, a week later, the caravan of twelve set out, heading north. After half a week of travel, they came across a caravan under attack and could do nothing in time to stop the caravan leader from being killed in front of his daughter, Mary. They rushed to the 9 year old girl’s rescue against the five bandits while Harwin was out getting food from the forest, but when Giers appears from the trees and Ameiko yells that the caravan is being attack, Harwin hears – along with Valkris’s warning about Giers – and rushes back.

After most of the party deals with all but the remaining two bandits, who flee, and Harwin trades with Giers blow for blow, who retreats again to lick his wounds, the party returns to the caravan and engages in its’ combat against Giers’ raiders. They flee, broken by the caravan’s ballista and array of skilled warriors. They take Mary, who goes by the name of Mein, up in the caravan, and find a stowaway, Erys, from the last town. After some deliberation, they accept her joining the caravan as well.

After a little more than a week of travel total, they arrived at Brinewall. There, they found it empty, except for a well kept graveyard and shrine to Desna. A broken Linnorn boat and dead beast were explained later, after Harwin found a secret entrance to the castle, by a fairy cleric of Desna caught by Erys, both whom had been following the party (without any knowledge of each other until the moment both were found).

The party entered (with Erys close behind), only to be beset by a monstrous creature of bat wings, tentacles, and a horrid one eyed face. Erys warned what she knew of it and then escaped back outside, searching for the fairy cleric. Meanwhile, the battle against the creature was brutal, and mostly one sided, as it decimated the party. In less than a minute, the party was forced to flee, but the cleric and Erys returned. Healed up, and supported by the cleric’s abilities, the party stood its ground. Only through the fairy’s healing magic and skill with her weapons did Gill survive being grabbed and nearly eaten by the creature, and it was finally killed.

But now, knowing there are foes beyond even Harwin and Gill, does the party have the resolve to continue? Shaken by near death, and for some, a feeling of helplessness, it seems this is their darkest hour…

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