Collie Caeimhghi

A short woman with long, red hair tied into a wild pony-tail, she is easily identified by the elaborate tattoo that adorns her right arm.


With a little known history, Collie has taken to being called Collie the Caller, after her signature “calling” where she calls out a criminal with evidence and nabs them. Being based out of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, she’s had to contend with extremely tough opponents more often than not – even petty thievery can erupt into life or dead skirmishes – and has learned to use hooks and wires made of thin silken thread to literally ‘hook’ her target and tie them down. She almost never lowers herself to lethal force and only so in self defense when otherwise her life would be forfeit, as catching a criminal is her goal – not ending the danger he poses.

Her odd methodology consists of tracking, perusing, and buying categories of items she feels is most likely to contain whatever key piece of evidence she needs to find a criminal. In order to narrow down the categories, she spends anywhere upwards of 2 months investigating the crime scene, details, and methodology any way she can…apart from that, the way her mind works is a mystery to anyone around her, even her assistant and adopted son, Jess.

Collie Caeimhghi

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