Seramaydiel's Prison

This Alpenstock was the remains of a prison for the long lost empyreal lord, Seramaydiel, and now controls the Bastion's power with the help of a windchime.


Seramaydiel’s Prison acts as an Agile Alpenstock, except that it has an enhancement bonus that scales with the Bastion’s Mythic Tier and extending its CMD versus Trip to the Bull Rush, Reposition, Drag, and Overrun maneuvers. The trip bonus scales with Mythic Tier and all of the CMD bonuses double on ice or snow.

Seramaydiel, herself, is the source of Mythic Power for the Bastion and must use the Bastion’s bonded item to control the distribution of her power! Otherwise, the Prison’s curse is enabled.

Seramaydiel’s Prison is an artifact and is blessed with the Covergent, Energy-Kissed, and Spying dynamic traits. Convergent allows the wielder to contact the planar being within, in this case Seramaydiel. Energy-kissed keeps the staff from taking damage from electrical based attacks. Finally, the Spying trait lets Seramaydiel send sounds to the Bastion, similar to the clairaudience spell. The wielder must focus on the sounds and ignore her own audio senses for this to work. The staff, too, is remarkably solid, an attribute gained due to the Durable and Impervious traits.

Like all Kaijitsu Guardian Mythic Artifacts, the alpenstock – or rather, the crystals of the windchime hanging from it – glow when in the presence of its nemeses, the Oni, due to the Enemy Glow trait.

Curse: Seramaydiel’s power runs unchecked, gathering sounds from miles around on the winds for the user to hear! If the wielder is not Mythic or has become ex-Mythic, she gains the confused condition anytime she makes a perception check that includes sound, anytime she is within a city larger than a village, and any time she’s fighting. If she goes a week without becoming Mythic or atoning, she, instead, becomes permanently confused!


Seramaydiel's Prison

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