Apartment Jade Regent

The Price of Absolution

Current Run

Asked people about things. We got info. Baddies bad to everyone. Peoples got away. Kids went for a walk. We have 36 hours to prove our innocence. My character sucks at healing. Tengu bitch.

Tengu bitch had:
Leather armor.
Blowgun with 10 darts
3 daggers
masterworked wakazashi
Climbers kit
50 feet of silk of silk rope with grapple hook
black cloth body suit
Ornate jade raven statuette

Bevelev knows that Amaiko mentioned Shinobi Shozokus, a stealth suit.

Normal Ninjas (x3):
2 Tender Twigs
Leather Armor
1 dagger
1 masterwork shortbow (20 arrows)
masterworked Siangham
Shinobi Shozoku
Jade raven statuette
masterworked thieves tools

Jade is commonly used in Minkai and has been transferred to Linnorm through the Jade quarter, thus its name. Harwin sends Syn toward the stone quarter to keep an eye out for the kids.

They walk to Tien toddler. He asks if they are Psions of the Kaijutsu, Harwin says they are guardians of one such. Toddler says they should meet his master who is called the “Child of Qi Zhong”. Harwin asks the rest if they recognize the title. Gill useless. Shie knows what Qi Zhong is.

Qi Zhong is the Tien God of magic and healing. Popular because of the symbol of the five Chinese elements. Talking helmet explains that, while he has been investigating, he hasn’t been the only one investigating, and the Child of Qi Zhong is an ally. The helmet also says the Jade quarter is in flux due to civil strife.

Harwin and Gill go to the Stone Quarter (fucking finally) to ask about the kids. Harwin makes a pedophelic looking ass of himself but succeeds in learning about a roadside smith show and 2 other people with a lot of connections.

Senan Conchobhar – Roadside smith. Simple items, but fancy quality.
Redmond Cillin – Senan’s rival, does custom orders for weapons and armor. Fairly simple.
Ailig Peaderson – General broker for low end smiths.

Harwin and Gill go to find Senan first. He knows nothing (john snow), so they go to Redmond, who explains that the fairy asked the same thing. He told the fairy he saw two what he thought were halflings. One had red hair. The fairy was distraught. He offers to have the guards help in the search. He also asks about the caravan incident.

He explains that the jade statuettes are a mark of an assassination organization. He warns Harwin that there are a lot of strong assassins. He offers armor as well. They leave and head to Ailig. He is much older, and a bit of a traditionalist. He grew up a warrior, and he’s lived here all his life. He’s a big supporter of arming the guards.

He’s asleep at the front desk. Harwin claps him on the shoulder and says, “sorry to disturb you.” Ailig jumps and yells. “What the ‘ell deya think yer doin’?!” “I’m only here for information, relax.” “You could give an old man a heart attack.”

Harwin asks if Ailig has seen the kids. He says no. And no fairies either. Ailig offers to help with the crafting of Harwin’s armor. Harwin accepts and asks about his dream of the trainer, Ailig can’t help him.

Back to Shie, the kid, etc. The kid explains that his group has been keeping an eye out for the Kaijutsu guardians for over a month now. With the fire, he finally found us and had to talk to us for the sake of our safety and Ameiko’s safety.
The kid details a story about an orphaned Tien kid such as himself, who woke up suddenly blessed by Qi Jhong with images of the future and past and with power over the elements, and he is protected by those loyal to the Kaijutsu. However, assassins have been after him, so the Jade quarter has become a hotbed of conflict. Meanwhile, the child of Qi Jhong took the visions to heart and knew he needed to find the Kaijutsu and help them. He knew of other guardians, but didn’t know who they were. In the meantime, he had a web of orphans to keep an eye out for unusual people.

They enter the Jade Quarter. Think China town but poorer. Lots of homeless and poor people. Valkrys can sense a greater purpose behind it all. It seems like everything is a kind of show. They haven’t heard about this civil war until now, and it’s been going on for a month now. No one but the people in the Jade quarter know about it, and they’ve kept it secret from the rest of the city.
The kid takes you through crowds, but you are not obstructed. Valkrys sees several shadows fall over you. Chicadie as well is nervous. Valkyrs knows the person following them isn’t Tien. They’re wearing a scarf over their face. Kaitlyn recalls Gill talking about a scarf as a way for Varisian people to record their history. SO their pursuer (a female) is Varisian.
They warn their guide of the pursuer. He becomes apprehensive and takes detours, they seem to lose her, and he calms down. Eventually, they come to a very run down warehouse. Before they even approach, the door opens and what looks like armed farmers come out and look around. For a moment, everyone stands still. After several seconds, the farmers relax. Once you enter, it is pitch black up until a fury ball of fire runs up and circles the group. Valkrys tries to pet it. The fire abates where he tries to pet it. It purs loudly.
When a voice says hi, sconces burst to life as people approach them. Sitting is a kid. He is about 12 years old. His hair is rough, unkempt and black. He is wearing a mithril breastplate with a big round wooden shield on his back and a scimatar on his right side. He says, “You are the heirs of Amatatsu”.
“Heirs? Yeah, no.” Says Shie.
“You have been blessed by the visions, no?”
“We have had visions, but we are not the heirs.”
“Regardless, you are the guardians of the true heir. I have been trying to find you for some time!” He smiles wistfully. “My name is Yujian.”
“Hello, I am Shie, and this is Valkrys.”
He calls back the fire elemental. “I see you met Shinchi. This is a gift from Qi Jhong that I have been given. Where is the heir?”
Nervously, they reply, “She’s been taken from us. We are searching for her.”
“I’ve been given visions from Qi Jhong to protect Ameiko and restore Minkai.”
They explain the siteation.

What Luke knows is that their caravan was set on fire by the Oni of the Five Storms and now knows that Ameiko was taken by Giers, not by…

“You had a run in with the Guild of the Frozen Shadows?” Shie knows nothing about this group. She asks Yujian about them. The helmet introduces himself to luke as Helgerval. Luke knows he is an Angel. He explains he has also been investigating the infernal influence, knew about the ninjas but didn’t know who they were. He knows that the leader of the Rime Runners guild detected as a demon. He believes the leader is an Oni of the Five Storms. If the guild of Frozen Shadows are an extension of the OFS, he believes the Rime Runners guild has something to do with it.
Luke already suspected as much. He explains to the group that his warriors are at their command but that they can’t leave the Jade Quarter. He, however, is more than willing to join them to help protect Ameiko. His warriors are apprehensive, but they can’t tell him what to do because he is an independent asian man who don’t need no protection.
3 knocks on the door is not a password. The warriors draw swords. Shinchi starts growling. Chickadee is scared again. The door slowly opens and the two farmers outside are on the ground and the woman is flanked by two oddly shaped ninjas, illuminated by the moonlight. The ninjas dart into hiding. Luke uses sense motive. It’s not very effective. She ain’t fuckin’ friendly. Valkrys tries to enter the shadows, but fails. However, Yujian sees both the hidden ninjas.
He casts fairy fire on one.
“Prophet of Qu Jhong, we finally meet. You’re younger than I expected. Sending you is like telling your son to go die.”
“You can never prevail against Qu Jhong.”
“Well Qi Jhong isn’t here, only you. Once you die, he has nothing.” Valkrys steps in front of Qi Jhong as she steps closer. She laughs.
“Who are you, a traveling bard.?”
“Who are you?!” Yells Shie.
“Little witch, I am a disciple of Omoyani, who serves Kimandatsu.” She doesn’t know either of those. The helmet says this ain’t a god thing. “Ha! You wouldn’t know of your attackers.”
“Wow, rude…”
“That’s why we are asking, bitch. Cause we don’t know you.”
“You don’t have to know, you’re going to be dead.”
“Qi Jhong has not left me helpless.” Shinchi blasts the ninja who isn’t revealed with Fairy Fire. It grows 8 more tails, jumps onto Yujian’s head, consumes 9 balls of fire that appeared at his tails, and spits fire at the ninja.
A fight breaks out.
The trio now alone among a half dozen corpses decide that the Jade quarter is no longer safe. They plan to go to either the Fire quarter or the Ice quarter to heal in preparation for additional assassination attempts.

Gill and Harwin find no sign of the children and Spivy, and so head toward the Jade Quarter.

Shie, Valkris, and Yujian arrive at the temple in the Fire Quarter and are immediately tended to by the priest. Yinpo, the priest, knows Yujian and is worried when Yujian explains what happened. He takes the trio over to a small building where they can recuperate.

Gill and Harwin arrive in the Jade quarter, immediately hear about the warehouse commotion and go to find an empty warehouse with a bunch of dead bodies and guards. The guards immediately start questioning Gill and Harwin.
Harwin explain that he and Gill have been in the Stone Quarter all night and that at least three people can confirm this. He gives names. He requests to look at the crime scene. They accept, but tell him they should leave soon. He goes in and finds the bodies cut mostly by normal weapons except for one that was mauled and some scorch marks. The guards all have a tattoo with the five elements.
On the ninjas…

Potion of disguise self. A dose of deathblade poison. Leather armor. A blowgun and 10 darts. Three daggers. Masterworked Wakazashi. One has 50 feet of silk rope with a grappling hook. Both have the black cloth armor.

Harwin begins explaining what he believes happens, but Gill nudges him and points out glares from the locals and confused looks on the guards. He sighs, and mutters under his breath before telling the guards to forget what he said. It was rambling theories not to be taken seriously. Syn warns Harwin of several other people with the same tattoos, and Gill picks one out and walks toward them. Harwin nods goodbye to the guards and heads toward the Tien man as well. “Hello, you are followers of Qi Jhong?”
“It is good that you know who Qi Jhong is. Are you looking for your friends?”
“Yes, I trust they are alive, despite whatever happened in there?”
“Your friends are very powerful, they came at an oppertune time and saved our prophet. They are safe and have left this Quarter. Beware for you are hunted by the elite ninjas of the Frozen Shadows.”
“Frozen Shadows, those are the ninjas with—”
“You should leave.” Harwin looks around, concerned by the looks everyone near bye are giving. He motions to Gill for them to leave. Sandru comes up as they walk away, looking distraught.
“Where is everyone! What happened?!”
“They are safe, they were attacked during the meeting.”
“If Sandru didn’t see them, they must be in the Fire Quarter.”
“Then that’s where we go.”
“Send Syn ahead of us.”
After a little while, Syn locates the others. Chickadee tells Shie she spotted Sin. Harwin, Sandru, and Gill arrive and asked what happen.
“Hi! I’m Yijian!” He smiles.
“Who is this?”
“…Are you the prophet?”
“Some people call me that.”
“Did you find out anything?” asks Gill.
“We discovered this boy.” Said Valkyris.
“…Okay… what did the boy know?” Asked Gill exasperatedly. Valkyris laughs and tells them everything.
“We need to find the Rime Runner’s guild and make them tell us where the assassins are.” Harwin glances at the earth elemental. “This is your power over the five elements?”
“Yes, this is my gift from Qi Jhong.”
“Interesting. Where’s the other four, then?”
“I can only use one.”
“Ah, interesting. I’ve never seen this before. Valkris.”
“Where’s the Rime Runner’s guild? Let’s go.”
Sandru stops them. “You need to know your plan before hand. For one, if the guild itself isn’t evil and it’s just the leadership, then talking to the small fry means nothing and could cause you to be discovered. Now, I have contacts.”
“And we’ve met merchants who are influential.”
Gill is gonna go talk to Fin. Harwin is gonna talk to the blacksmiths. The group goes to Ailig. He is doing business with a guess and motions for us to wait. 10 minutes later, the guest leaves happy. He walks up to Harwin and asks, “Well how are you doing? That was a very quick return.”
“I’m doing well enough. I couldn’t find the children, but the situation has developed a more pressing issue. We need a way into the Rime Runners guild, directly to their leaders.”
He looks at Harwin quizzically. “No, but the Rime Runners guild’s leader is likely connected to the assassins.”
“I see… You think Thorbord Silverscore is an assassin?”
“I don’t know if Silverescore herself is connected, but it seems that the assassins are associated with demons, and an ally felt the presence of a demon in disguise within the guild.”
He has no idea whether to believe Harwin or not. He had recently heard tell of a fight in the Jade Quarter, and stranger things have happened. He asks if we can prove we won’t kill everyone in the guild. We’d only just met after all.
Sandru explains that they just want to talk, and Harwin backs him up and assures him that they only want to protect themselves and that the assassins are their only target. They have no intention of hurting anyone else.
Ailik agrees, and has an idea. He thinks a good idea is to use mithril as an excuse to talk to a clerk about the mithril. All they need is someone to “buy” the mithril – thus, the disguise.

Shie. The mute prosti—er… accountant, Elizabeth.
Harwin. The easygoing smith, Rand.
Valkris. The discerning businessman, Cooper.
Sandru. The Gruff Bodyguard, Gilmont.
Yujian. The green recruit, Frodo.

“Hello ma’am, how are you this fine morning?”
“I’m fine sir. What can I do for you gentlemen.” She’s elderly, wears heavy armor, very hard looking. Looks frustrated.
“Oh I forgot the money.” Valkris walks off, but Gill motions not to leave. “Oh wait, here it is.”
“See what I have to deal with?” Says Harwin as he leans against the counter. The clerk smiles.
“What can I do?” She says, pointedly looking at Valkris.
“Gilmont? Gilmont, is that you? You’re alive?”
“No, you have the wrong person. I’ll just wait outside, seems safe in here.”
“Don’t you walk out. I can see your shield.”
Gill turns.
“Cassy, been such a long time.” She runs up and hugs him.
“I can’t believe you’re alive, Suzanah will be so happy! Oh but, Abigaile, and Katiana. Katiana… Gill, how are you alive?” Her face turns dark and she raises her spear. “And why are you here? Why isn’t your headless body rotting in a dungeon.”
“Don’t call me Cassy.”
“Cassandra. You won’t like the truth. And this isn’t a place to talk about it. My friends and I are in a hurry, we have no time to spare. Please, just drop it.”
“DROP IT?! You want me to just DROP IT?! After I found the traiter who should have died 26 years ago?! If you’ve been alive all this time, then this means you ran away after you killed her. No justice was had. Suzana has been doing her best to help, but with Abigail breathing down her neck with a bunch of Devils, she can’t even sleep. And your damn charade broke any chance of resistance we ever had. They hunt us down. They impale rebels in the courtyard. They poison food. Anyone harboring criminals is flayed alive and fed to demons as a show! And here you are, the start of it all, sauntering around Kalsgard with a bunch of merchants and friends. I will kill you right here.”
“You said us… you became a rebel? Why? All it’s going to do is get you and Suzana killed. Abigail will make sure of it if she’s a Devil’s puppet now. You saw what happened to me. The whole nation did! I know you’re not stupid enough to go back to biting the hand. There’s no future in fighting the devils.”
“We know.”
“I’m serious. The— wait… what?”
“We don’t have a chance with the rebellion, it’s like banging your head on an adamantium wall. Blablabla…” She explains she, from Chaliax, is looking for a legitimate way of saving the kingdom from devils. Descendant of last heir of old family who went on adventures could contest the throne.
Gill covers them safely and she gets the deal is important. But when he tells her to go away, she says no. I’m sticking to you like super glue.
Harwin looks at the clerk dumbfounded. “I had no clue I had hired such interesting people to protect what I had thought would be a simple business proposition…”
The clerk laughs. Valkris bluffs the mithril. A deal is set up, Valkris, Shie, Ailig, and Harwin are chosen to go propose the deal.
“Does the guild leader ever host deals?” Asks Harwin. They confirm. Various bluff and diplomacy hijinks. Ailig gets Shie to take Valkris to look for incriminating documents.
Valkris finds one of the missing people. Ailig gets the people to talk about their guild master.
Things go wrong when guards upstairs catch Shie and Valkris along with the prisoner, but at that moment, ninjas attack. A bomb goes off outside Harwin’s room, disabling the guard outside. Harwin runs into the hallway and Yujian runs in as well. Gill goes to help the unconscious guard but drops him after to help fight in the main room. Harwin tells Yujin to go upstairs, and lets out an inspiring roar before he soundly smacks the ninja before him into the wall. Valkris flanks a ninja upstairs with a guard, and Cassandra and the guard in the main room prepare to fight.
Fight fight. Of 28, 6 people survive in total (besides us). Documents found, eye witness testimony absolves us of suspicion for this massacre. Uksaka (the person who was imprisoned) got the documents.

1,200 – for saving Uksaka
4,200 – for ninjas
3,200 – boss
1,600 – tengu ninjas
10,200 – total
2,040 – per person.

No loot from last fight given it was a crime scene.

The surviving member admits that many were suspicious of their leader who hung out with a troll sorcerer and would siphon the earnings off to some hidden fund for a place called Raven’s Crag. It is a relatively well known castle. The documents provide details. They are ledgers from over the past few years to Raven’s Crag. Were all personally approved by the leader. Was purchased from Snori Stoneye three years ago. Arel’s Hammer (the boat) was rented out to the guy we killed the night of the attack at the bridge. He was contracted to acquire a Tien Antique from a place recognizable as the house of the guy who had the sword.



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